Our camping season starts on 1st April and the swimming pool opens on 1st May.

Our open air pool with the camping site “Am Badesee Coswig-Kötitz” is directly
situated near the river Elbe between Dresden and Coswig. There is a direct
connection to the well known Elbe bicycle path on the right side of the river.

The camping site is close to nature and welcomes especially families. It is opened
from April until the end of October for short- and long-time campers.

You can visit the nearby open air pool with the large swimming lake from May until September.

There are also a restaurant and a snack bar near the swimming lake.


After the close down of the old open air pool in Coswig the city parliament decided to place the responsibility for the swimming lake Coswig Kötitz to the Technische Werke Coswig. So we have since December 1998 another field of activity.

In 1999 we built a large water slide.

In 2001 we continued the modification of the sanitation and built a new restaurant.

In the beginning of 2002 we started with the construction of the camping site that we could proudly open in May 2002.

As well as in this year we hope to welcome lots of guests to our beautiful open air swimming pool, to our restaurant and naturally to our camping site

We wish a wonderful summertime and nice holidays to our guests from all over the world.