Advices for arrival

Despite its quiet location our camping site is easily to access.

A special advise for cyclists is to use the Elbe bicycle path that leads from Schmilka to Hamburg along the river Elbe. Almost eight kilometres near Coswig are completely asphalted so you can reach the towns close to Coswig without any disturbing by cars and trucks and motorbikes.

Long distance traffic

Coswig and its surroundings are well connected by train, highways and state roads as well as the river Elbe with traffic structure in Saxony.

It takes you only a few minutes to reach the highways A4 (direction Chemnitz), A13 (direction Berlin), A14 (direction Leipzig) and A17 (direction Praque).

There are two stops of the interurban train in Coswig:
station Cowig and station Neusörnewitz

It takes you less than 30 minutes to go by train to Dresden-Neustadt or Dresden-Main Station.

There you have connection to the national and international railway traffic.

Short distance traffic

Trams, buses and the interurban train belong to the public traffic in the county. The tram number 4 operates between Dresden and Weinböhla.

The buses operate in the area around Coswig and Weinböhla.

Bus number R 400 operates between Reichenberg, Dippelsdorf, Radebeul and Coswig, number R 401 operates between Meißen, Sörnewitz, Brockwitz and Coswig, number R 402 operates between Coswig and Neusörnewitz and number R 460 operates between Großenhain, Auer, Steinbach, Spitzgrund and Coswig.

You may take the bus number R400 in Coswig bus station until station Gasthof Kötitz. From here it is only a stone’s throw to walk to our camping site.

The interurban train operates between Meißen, Dresden and the Saxon Mountains (train number 1).

There is a ferry station in Coswig between Kötitz and Gauernitz so that you can cross the river by ship.

Trips by ferryboat along the Elbe, passing Radebeul, Coswig and Meißen are very popular for tourists and visitors of our region.

The ferryboat “Bosel” can be booked for special trips.

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